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Entel’s New DTEx Commercial Marine Series Sets Benchmark for Next Generation of On-Board Portables

New Series offers Best-in-Class Audio & Industry-Leading Durability.

Entel, a market leader in the design and manufacturing of commercial-grade maritime onboard communications, is launching the DTEx Commercial Marine Series. These intrinsically safe* commercial marine portables offer standout crystal-clear audio, alongside exceptional range, performance and durability – essential for the demanding conditions faced at sea.

Key options, features and benefits of this tough and dependable new series, include:

  • VHF or UHF, display & non-display models
  • Industrial-grade design
  • ATEX and IECEx intrinsically safe approvals for EU and non-EU markets
  • Meets the essential EN60945 Maritime Approval
  • IP68 – industry-leading submersible rating (2 meters, 4 hours)
  • Digital mode (UHF only)
  • Loud and intelligible audio (using the latest noise reduction technology) – ideal for high noise environments such as those experienced on deck at sea
  • High-visibility OLED display (high contrast white on black) - allowing for excellent readability in all light conditions
  • High-torque ergonomic controls and ultra-tactile buttons - making the radios easier to more reliably operate when using gloved hands
  • Fully submersible gold-plated battery & accessory connectors - ensuring ultimate protection against corrosion and other common saltwater hazards.

* Intrinsically Safe Approved:

  • ATEX Approved IIC - The DT900 Series of ATEX certified portables meet IIC gas group, the most stringent ATEX rating as per EU Directive 94/9/EC
  • ATEX Approved IIB - The DT800 Series of ATEX certified portables meet IIB gas group