Our Product

Our Product

Supreme Landmobile & Wireless Corporation (SLW) Sdn. Bhd.

Airbus THR880i


Unique two-sided radio

There is no other radio like THR880i

THR880i handheld radio has an innovative 2-sided design. This is one of a kind design that no other radio can offer. THR880i gives you more than one way to communicate. It fits in your hand and feels good to use.

  • Phone side has the big colour display and number keys for for messaging, using the menu and other phone features
  • Radio side is for  traditional PMR use with the emergency red key on the top 
  • Voice Feedback lets you use the radio without looking by guiding you with your own language

Use without looking

The THR880i is thoroughly designed to use without looking. The radio side is optimised for critical communication with   

  • High-quality loudspeaker
  • Talk group selector
  • PTT and Duty key
  • Fast menu key
  • Red emergency key

Additional information
Size Small, Medium, Large & Extra Large
Color Black, Green, Blue
Chest 38 inches
Waist 20 cm
Length 35 cm
Fabric Cotton, Silk & Synthetic
Warranty 6 Months